Week 13: A look back...and thanks!

...and that's a wrap!

Cheers to the last full week of session! This past week has been one of the busiest as we spent time, day and night, working hard to push bills through before the last day of session, April 10.

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Week 12: Session Winding Down

Winding Down & Fun at Home

What an awesome week!

I have to start this newsletter off by offering my gratitude to Governor Hogan and staff, especially Deputy Chief of Staff Jeannie Haddaway-Ricco, Speaker Busch, and the House leadership team for helping put our priorities in the budget and keeping them there. We are very blessed to be able to report that with the passage of the Governor’s budget, all of the local projects that were presented to our office were funded!

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Week 11: Gaining Ground for Wicomico

Gaining Ground

Week eleven of the Legislative Session began with Chamber Crossover Date on Monday where we spent all day voting on bills in House Chamber so that they could move over and be introduced in the Senate.

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Week 10: Sound Choices for our Environment

Safeguarding Our Environment

We just finished our tenth week of the 437th Legislative Session in Annapolis and we are down to less than twenty-five days until Sine Die.

As we detailed last week, the rush of crossover was upon us last week. Crossover is a term used to describe a bill that has successfully passed in one chamber and is then introduced in the other. Each chamber sends the bills it has passed favorably to the other chamber by ‘Crossover Date,’ which was yesterday. 

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Week 9: Crossover Day and Going Strong

Keeping Your Money Local

Week nine of session was hectic, in part because it is the week before Crossover Day. By the end of Crossover Day a bill should be passed by one chamber to guarantee consideration by the other chamber. Certainly, a bill can be considered if it isn’t passed by one chamber before Crossover Day, but it is best to try to make the deadline.

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Week 8: Hearings to #MakeItHappen

Hearings & Fun at Home

Week eight of the 2017 General Assembly Legislative session saw a very hectic week, where our office worked on multiple legislative priorities including funding for infrastructure improvements and support for nonprofit organizations that improve the lives of veterans.

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Week 7: Mark Your Calendars

We're Halfway There!

We are halfway through the 2017 Legislative Session and we know the pace will steadily increase up until Sine Die on Monday, April 10! 

I welcome meetings with all organizations and value a diversity of ideas and opinions and this week we met with the Sierra Club, Maryland Campaign to Keep Antibiotics Effective, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in regards to bills that were heard in the Environment and Transportation Committee. I also met with the Maryland Municipal League regarding Highway User Revenues.

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Week 6: Governor Hogan in Salisbury

Commitment to Shore Funding

The highlight of week six in session actually happened right here at home on the Shore - Governor Hogan paid our area a visit to make some pretty important announcements. This week also ushered in a change in the state constitution. A resolution, with an accompanying bill, will now allow the Maryland Attorney General to sue the federal government without the Governor’s approval.

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Week 5: Moving Forward with HB0922

Veterans, Arts, and Education

It is week five of the 2017 Legislative Session in Annapolis and legislation is being assigned to committees. I expect a somewhere between 2,500-3,000 bills this year and most will have a hearing in a committee. I look forward to seeing the presentations and discussing the bills with those who come and testify as well as my colleagues.

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Week 4: Lights Out on Veto

Veto & Voltage

The fourth week of Maryland’s 437th Legislative session was marked by an override of the Governor’s veto of a bill that will increase the cost of our electric rates going forward. While the outcome is well-intentioned (to encourage more use of alternative energy sources), the bill itself is written in a way that I could not ultimately support. We’re still recovering from the recession and now is not the time to saddle consumers and local businesses with additional financial burdens. For these reasons, I stood by the Governor’s decision to veto this legislation.

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