Week 1: 437th Session is Now Open

Back in Session, Working for You

The 437th Legislative Session in Maryland commenced on Wednesday, January 11th. It is great to be back in Annapolis with my fellow colleagues and I am looking forward to a productive session.

For those of you who have not heard, Bunky Luffman, who worked in the office from my first day, has taken a position in the Governor’s office. However, our intern from last session Brittany 
Finamore, has stepped up to fill the position. Our intern this session is Jacob Lutz, a student at Salisbury University.

I have retained my place on the Environment and Transportation Committee and the environment subcommittee, however, I have moved from the local government subcommittee to the transportation subcommittee this session. Having these assignments will allow me to push helpful transportation legislation and fight against bills that would attempt to over regulate our farmers.

This legislation session is going to be extremely busy, so we have been working on preparing bills and meeting with colleagues. Two of the bills I will submit would restore highway user revenues and allow residents of Wicomico County to deer hunt on the second Sunday of the deer firearms season on private property. 

Highway User Revenues
I am submitting two bills that will restore municipal and county highway user revenues. This would not only assist the current needs of road maintenance but it would also establish a long-term source of funding for future transportation projects without any tax increases.

The two proposed bills will allow my colleagues to come together and decide which method is the best at tackling this ongoing issue. The first bill would use a fixed amount each year and the second would set a percentage amount.

Sunday Deer Hunting
Wicomico County has asked the County Delegation to propose legislation that will extend deer hunting on private property to the second Sunday during the deer firearms season in Wicomico County.

Deer hunting is a time-honored family tradition on Delmarva and is often passed down from one generation to the next. With successful passage of this bill, we would be able to gain an extra day for everyone to participate.

The coming week is highlighted by our celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr Day and the release of Governor Hogan’s budget. Things will start to become more hectic as the committee meetings begin.

As always, if you would like to contact us with an idea, issue, or concern, please either call:410-841-3431 or email carl.anderton@house.state.md.us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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